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Personal Projects

Personal Projects

Individual projects are derived from undergraduate and postgraduate projects and classroom assignments in the areas of landscape architecture and urban planning.

Seed flutter in the air

In the whispering winds, seeds take flight,
Silent soil awaits, for life’s guiding light.
Gentle breezes lift them high,
Towards the unknown, with hope in the sky.
Lonely messengers over oceans they roam,
Dreams of blossoms, a faraway home.
Under the touch of the sun’s warm embrace,
Inch by inch, they courageously race.
Raindrops caress, sunlight’s warm hold,
Seeds unfold wings, brave and bold.
They sing in silence, weave in the breeze,
With resilience they share life’s journey with ease.
Like destiny’s stations, seeds never cease,
Continuation of life, a gentle release.
Ambassadors of hope, more than they seem,
Springtime’s message, a beautiful dream.
In the embrace of the earth’s loving grace,
Seeds spread hope, silently trace.
Endless cycles, they softly say,
Let’s sow seeds of hope in life’s grand display


Over the past decades, Chibi, a city witha long history, has continued to withstandfloods, and its historical traces have gradually disappeared due to the progress of the city. Environmental pollution isa serious problem. This project aims atbuilding a complete urban rainwater and flood system while emphasizing and restoring urban historical civilization, and conforming to economic development.


GeoDesign is a concept aimed at merging scientific disciplines to address contemporary challenges such as land use, climate change, and biodiversity reduction through collaborative scientific efforts and GIS platforms. This concept is particularly relevant for addressing issues like population aging in megacities like Beijing, which has over 3.3 million residents. With the aim to improve living conditions for the elderly, GeoDesign can help in creating quieter, pollution-free living spaces that align with their lifestyle preferences and ideal living conditions. An example includes a project designed for the suburban hilly areas of Beijing, intended to simulate and enhance urban development for the elderly. This involves initial calculations and concept development to ensure a sustainable and favorable environment for aging populations.

Team Projects


Climate adaptation, social inclusion and citizen participation are top priorities. Decentralised decision-making and regional cooperation
brings public and private investment for major programmes of transformation.
Living, retail and office spaces are redistributed leading to vibrant and distinctive neighbourhoods.
Active transport routes and free zero-carbon public transport including passenger solar air balloons result in far fewer private vehicles in the city.
Some major roads and parking spaces are replaced by greenblue
infrastructure which create an ecological loop of connected habitats and biodiversity.